Happy ‘Relief’giving

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Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

The dictionary describes the word ‘thankful’ as being pleased and relieved.  To be honest I never really thought of being ‘thankful’ as a form of relief.  At times we take for granted the things we have until a holiday like Thanksgiving comes along and makes us take a break from our busy lives to really think about what it is in our lives that give us ‘relief’.

For me, there are many things that give me relief.  My wife gives me relief from a life of being alone and without love. My kids give me relief from a life without pure joy.  God gives me relief from a life without unconditional love.  My job gives me relief from a life without the means to provide for the ones I love.  My health gives me relief to experience the outdoors and everyday tasks that get me through the day.  The service men and women who do all they can to protect this great nation give me relief from a life of worry.  My mom and dad give me relief from a life without support should my world come crumbling down.  My friends give me relief from not having people around to share in my goals and journeys.  The list could go on and on…

The only problem with experiencing such great relief is that with it comes the realization that 3 million people across this nation can’t say the same for their lives.  While I say a prayer of thanks for all I have been given relief from, I will also say a prayer for those who are struggling to find food, shelter and most of all love.

For if we can find love, we find hope and if we can find hope, we find relief.


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