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The pure joy of giving

0 Comments 16 December 2009

‘Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings.’ Psalm 63:7

From the look on this little girls face I believe there was some singing going on and joy being felt. The joy of giving not only brings joy to the recipient but also to the one doing the giving. This picture proves it.

This little girl walked up to our booth on Saturday at the Kids Rock Las Vegas presented by McDonalds of greater Las Vegas and could not have been more excited to give her shoes. She could not stop smiling as I talked with her. Being a parent myself I could tell from looking into the eyes of her mother, she could not have been any more proud.

The kids having a great time.

The kids having a great time.

Even though the morning was really cold, the kids who attended had warm hearts and donated 120 pairs of shoes that all went to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. As we stood around cheering the kids on in our coats and blankets I knew across town outside the mission people lined the street hoping to get in for warmth. Many will, many won’t. Either way, there are those who will go to sleep cold and wake up cold. There are those who will go to sleep hungry and wake up hungry. There are those who will go to sleep lonely and wake up lonely. It’s one thing to go to sleep, it’s another to go to “bed”.

I encourage you to follow in the footsteps of this little girl this December and go to your local shelter and donate blankets, shoes, socks, jackets, and anything you would want if it were you out in the cold.

And remember, the joy is in the giving.


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