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Me with Michael Chitwood, National Director of Team World Vision

Me with Michael Chitwood, National Director of Team World Vision

When I started Give Your Sole back in May of 2009 I didn’t have a clue on where to begin. I’d been in the business world for years, opening and operating restaurants, switching to a career in sales, but decided that life had to be more about helping others, so along side of working in sales I figured, ‘How hard could it be to run a non-profit!’ I’m not so sure that “hard” is the best word to describe it as much as “time consuming”.

The great thing about the non-profit world is that when you call someone to share with them about your organization they usually are open to listening and often times eager to assist in any way possible to help you grow. In sales, when you call someone, people can’t get off the phone fast enough. One day in Chicago I made a call to someone who I was referred to by a contact I had in California.  My contact told me I had to call this guy at Team World Vision named Michael Chitwood and that he would have some great incite on getting started. Michael is the National Director and developer of Team World Vision.  I thought, ‘No way is this guy going to have time for me.’ Boy, was I wrong. Not only did Michael make time for me, but he’s made it a goal to do everything he can to make sure Give Your Sole is at as many events that Team World Vision attends.  Not because we give his organization the shoes we collect (fact of the matter is, we don’t donate any to them because we donate locally), but because he believes in our organization.

Here is Michael with some of the Team World Vision runners

Here is Michael with some of the Team World Vision runners

I’m a firm believer that as I meet people along the way of building this organization it is my responsibility to share with others the many great people and other non-profits I am introduced to along the way. Let me tell you a little about Michael. He is a young, energetic, long distance running, God loving husband, who has the heart of a lion and is willing to do anything to bring awareness to the poverty crisis spanning the globe. He’s one of those people who when you are around them you can’t help but want to tackle the issues that plague this world and attack them head on. He is currently training to run 50 miles to help change the lives of Africa’s Children.  He runs for The Ultimate Cause. He understands the sacrifices made to run a non-profit. He understands the joys and heartaches that come with the territory. He understands what it’s like when all you want to do is help people and run into resistance when trying to do so. He understands what it’s like to have a family while trying to influence the lives of other families that are broken. He understands what it means to be a friend to someone who is working to grow an organization with intentions of making it a lifetime commitment. He understands the pure joy found in bringing people together for a common goal to help those less fortunate.

Give Your Sole has blessed me with meeting incredible people that I never would have met had I not started this organization. I am grateful for Michael opening his heart to hearing what I had to say that first meeting about Give Your Sole and for the inspiration he continues to pass on. I have a long way to go in building Give Your Sole but know that by meeting people like Michael, the people who donate at our events and the people we donate the shoes to, we are on the right track.

It is by giving to others that we find ourselves as well as making friends in the process.


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