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Kevin Crank

Kevin Crank

Sometimes taking that first step goes well beyond the shoes youre wearing. In fact, finding the courage to stand is, at times, an accomplishment all its own. In learning of Kevin Cranks story, there isnt a more fitting statement.

Kevin Crank was your everyday teenager a relatively shy guy, who loved to race BMX bikes, held a devotion for his brothers and sister, who would describe him as easy going, generous, loving and strong.

In October of 2008, Kevin was critically injured in a devastating car accident. He broke his back, hip, pelvic bone and several ribs. The accident resulted in damage to his lung, spleen and liver, and caused severe head trauma; there was no immediate sign of brain activity. The months that followed resulted in brutal battles with pneumonia, a failing immune system, a continued vegetative state, multiple incorrect diagnoses and treatments, in addition to the obvious emotional toll on his spirit and his family.

Kevin in the hospital

Kevin in the hospital

Faced with the confrontational bureaucracy of health insurance, but committed to getting Kevin an advanced treatment procedure that focuses on traumatic brain injuries called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (, his family began their own, privately organized fund-raising efforts.

Once secured, the results of the treatment were immediate, and though his fight continues today through physical therapy and continued H.B.O.T. treatment, Kevins resiliency has proven it truly isnt about how many times you get knocked down in life that matters, it’s how you handle yourself getting up.

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!

Kevin is now walking again, and trying to rebuild and resume his life.

Eternally grateful for the support of loved-ones and strangers alike in his time of need, Kevin feels committed to giving back in the same way.

On April 10, 2010 Kevin will be joining his friends and family as part of Team Hopkins, participating in the Lake Havasu 5K and half marathon in Arizona. Kevin has chosen to work with GIVE YOUR SOLE for this race.

Life is about taking chances. Sometimes its about second chances. That is what Kevin Crank learned firsthand, in the hardest of ways.

In his discovery of our organization through a mutual friend, Kevin has come to believe that is what GIVE YOUR SOLE is about declaring what were doing goes beyond the shoes.

We hope to offer an opportunity to take that first step in the right direction, no matter where you’ve been, to get back on your feet with dignity, when the world has knocked you down.

GIVE YOUR SOLE is so proud to be sharing this race with Kevin and Team Hopkins, and looks forward to the many steps ahead, for him and all those he helps on April 10th.

Such an Amazing young man.

Such an Amazing young man.

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  1. Kevin! Bravo! How wonderful to see your adventure in progress. I am so happy for you.
    You are surrounded by love & support. Hey my Mom always told me that “Love makes the world go round”. Seeing the site makes me smile, I remember rec’ing the phone call at Dr Harch’s office in regard to your accident, the caller was seeking general information about HBOT and I told her to pursue this because getting you HBOT would probably be the best gift you could ever receive. You’re mobile and you are helping others, how wonderful. Bravo! Keep moving and keep grooving :)

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