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0 Comments 20 June 2010

There are many great organizations in the non-profit world, Project Full Circle, is definitely one to keep an eye on.  Launching in the fall of 2010, Project Full Circle will unite donors and beneficiaries of all sizes, encourage and facilitate meaningful interaction, and elevate awareness of today’s most pressing issues to achieve social change.  Through building an online community for donors, volunteers, corporations and non-profits they create an environment where people and corporations can connect and give to causes they have interest in.  I encourage you to bookmark their site and take a minute to read this blog post that better explains what lies ahead for Project Full Circle.

This is an organization I really look forward to seeing get started in helping all of us on the non-profit side connect with people around the globe that we might not normally have the opportunity to due to our location.  It will be nice to know that because of Project Full Circle a Give Your Sole donor or volunteer will be able to make a connection with us and create positive change in the lives of those we are trying to help.


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