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Hanging with the Kids from Sundance Elementary School

One of the great joys of  being the founder of Give Your Sole is the people I get to meet.  I met Shari Scholte, the Mileage Club Leader for Sundance Elementary School, at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and 1/2 this year.  Shari asked me if it would be alright to email me in hopes of organizing her mileage club kids to collect shoes on behalf of Give Your Sole.

The aim of the Feelin’ Good Mileage Club is to:

  • Motivate youth to become fit.
  • Help students gain an appreciation of walking/jogging/running as lifetime exercises.
  • Aid students in controlling body weight.
  • Serve as an adjunct  to school physical education programs.

In a world of constant competition, the Feelin’ Good Mileage Club encourages individual performance.  Students set personal goals, then strive to achieve those goals.  Fulfillment of these goals builds self-esteem and is emotionally rewarding.

Talk about a perfect fit! Not only is Shari teaching her kids the importance of fitness but also the importance if giving back and helping others. Next step was for me to go pick up the shoes and meet all the kids who participated in the collection. Let me tell ya, talking to a roomful of kids is a heck of a lot easier than talking to a roomful of adults! I had a blast! You can tell by the picture they had fun too; notice the GYS stickers on their foreheads! How many adults do you know would do that in a talk? We talked about the importance of helping others, what it means for a homeless person to have shoes and what they can do to make a difference.

The 15 minutes I shared with these kids I won’t soon forget.  To see the joy in their face, knowing they helped someone reminded me of the importance of our mission. Seeing your organization through the eyes of a child simplifies things.  This group of kids, along with Shari, are a great representation of Sundance Elementary and their school motto:

Today I will be responsible for myself,

My choices,

My learning,

and my attitude.

I will treat myself and others with respect.

And, I will do my personal best,

In everything,



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