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Something To Believe In…..

No Comments 17 December 2010

I drive by the homeless sleeping on a cold dark street
Like bodies in an open grave
Underneath the broken old neon sign
That used to read JESUS SAVES

A mile away live the rich folks
And I see how they’re living it up
While the poor they eat from hand to mouth
The rich drinkin’ from a golden cup

And it just makes me wonder
Why so many lose, and so few win

Song: Something To Believe In

Artist: Poison

When this song came out in 1990 I was 2 years out of high school.  Seems like only yesterday.  From the time I was 16 and could drive, my best friend and I would make sack lunches and take them to all the homeless people who congregated around City Hall in Santa Ana, Ca. and spend time talking with them listening to their stories.  My best friend, who I have known since 5th grade and still hang with today, played the guitar ever since I can remember and learned to play this song.  To us it meant something. Still does.

Fast forward to present day. I now operate a public charity that strives to help those in need, only rather than giving away sack lunches we give away shoes.  I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and attend a great number of their events where we collect shoes from all the runners and then donate them to a local rescue mission in the city where the race is held.  Two weeks ago we attended the Zappos Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1/2 where the man himself, Bret Michaels, sang this song.  To be standing there hearing this song live while we collected shoes for the homeless was beyond incredible.  Then to top it off I had the opportunity to meet Bret after the show.  While the meeting was brief, due to the line of waiting fans, mostly women of course, it was one I won’t soon forget.  He was extremely nice and very receptive to what we are doing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take him up on his offer of being the recipient of shoes he gets from a relationship he has with a major footwear company, as well as catching another show down the road.

Thanks Bret for giving me and millions of other fans Something To Believe In!

Rockin with Bret Michaels

…And give me something to believe in
If there’s a Lord above
And give me something to believe in
Oh, Lord arise

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Las Vegas, Rescue Missions

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

No Comments 29 November 2009

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Las Vegas is a lot like Hollywood; many people travel there to make it big only to end up on the streets.  Money surrounds and sustains both cities while those that were once dreamers now become survivors who find themselves without food, shelter or clothes.   The Las Vegas Rescue Mission and operations manager, Randal Salinas, are working hard to give relief and hope to those who come through their doors.

Randal Salinas / Operations Manager

Randal Salinas / Operations Manager

To give you an idea of what the mission is up against and what they are doing to make a difference here are some incredible statistics for the month of October.  Randal anticipates these numbers to increase as the winter months approach.

Meals Served in October : 26,846

Number of Beds for Shelter of Hope : 674

Number of Beds for Mens Dorm: 1,290

Number of Emergency Shelter Beds : 1,964

Number of Emergency Shelter Beds for Kids : 45

Randal and I spent about an hour together and it was obvious that his heart is committed to making a difference.  Once a contractor who built homes he now works on building lives and creating a foundation that is sure to withstand any element it encounters. We talked about the needs of their organization and the 3 basic needs are always in demand; food, shelter and clothes.  He made it clear to me that the shoes we collect will definitely be used and appreciated.  Many families find themselves having to decide the best way to spend what little money they have and with winter approaching, clothes are a main focus.  dsc_3672

Give Your Sole is grateful to team up with Randal and the Mission to be the recipients of all the shoes that will be donated at our upcoming event .  So wether you are a resident of Las Vegas or traveling to the city, make sure to bring your moderately worn shoes to us at the Kids Rock Las Vegas presented by McDonalds of Greater Las Vegas event on Saturday December 5th.

Help us provide some relief this winter for these people and donate your shoes.  Maybe, just maybe, it will distract them enough from their worry to allow them to dream again.


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