Sole Donations

Where does your money go?

We currently estimate that it costs approximately $3 a pair for us to provide a person in need with a pair of shoes.   At this time there are no salaries being taken by anyone with Give Your Sole.  All the money donated goes toward growing Give Your Sole and providing those who are less fortunate with shoes.

How many soles are you willing to give?

Donating Shoes

We accept men’s, women’s and children’s moderately worn athletic shoes at race expos (we ask that you please wash them before donating if possible, but is not required) and also on race day. Those of you who donate the pair of shoes right of your feet after you run the race in ON RACE DAY ONLY will receive a complimentary pair of flip-flops (while supplies last) so you don’t go barefoot.

What happens with donated shoes?

Give Your Sole works with local rescue missions and shelters in the cities that the races are held. All the shoes donated that have adequate wear ability will be given to those in need within each local city.

Shoe Donations by mail: Currently Give Your Sole does not have a warehouse location to receive shoes. We ask that you would reach out to your local rescue mission and donate them there to help out those in need within your city. Thank you.


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