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“CROC”odile Rock!

No Comments 01 November 2010

Handing out Crocs to shoe donors

The Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and 1/2 was made special thanks to the great people from Crocs! Normally we hand out Give Your Sole branded foam flip flops to those who donate their race day shoes off their feet but I knew heading into this event we were running low on our supply.  Therefore, I reached out to Crocs in hopes of them providing us with some shoes we could offer in place of the flip flops as well as create some incentive for people to donate on race day.  Crocs graciously donated 100 pairs for us to give to the first 100 people who donated the shoes off their feet.  The great thing about it was many people expressed this was the first pair of Crocs they ever owned!

The Happy 100th donor to receive a pair of Crocs!

We ran out of Crocs pretty quick as you can imagine. Even though we ran out, we gave away what flip flops we did have to those who didn’t make it in time to be one of the lucky 100. Overall for the weekend we collected 425 pairs of shoes, 50 HUGE bags of clothes we collected from the start of the race and 4 pallets of water from the great people at Competitor Group.

Race day is not only filled with incredible memories of receiving shoes from people but it is also the day we give the shoes to those who we collected them for, in this case the Denver Rescue Mission.  The Rescue Mission has a program called the New Life Rehabilitation Program and had 23 men run the race.  After the race, it was many of these same men who ran the race that picked up the shoes and clothes to take back to their fellow men and women in need.

To think that many of these men ran with the very same people who donated their shoes, yet might never meet, is pretty inspiring.  The act of giving is commendable, the act of giving knowing you will never meet the recipient is to be applauded. Congratulations to all who ran, to all who gave and to all who received….for it was many who did all three.

Rescue Runners picking up the days collection

Denver, Events

Crocs Cares (sm)

No Comments 13 October 2010

As we prepare for the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1/2 this week I found our inventory of Give Your Sole flip flops on the low end.  Many of you know we give away our flip flops to the runners who donate the shoes they run in on race day so they won’t go away without shoes and also to eliminate any hesitation that people might have about donating their race day shoes.  It has really caught on and people seem to be more willing to donate on race day if they have something to wear home.  In my struggles to find a sponsor for the flip flops, I decided to reach out to a contact I made at Crocs a few months back to see if she could help us have something to give the runners for their donation.

Besides the fact my 6 year old loves his Crocs, I was always a fan of the company knowing what they did to give back.  Through their Crocs Cares(sm) program the company has distributed over 2.5 million pairs of shoes to those in need in impoverished areas with their most recent donation of 80,000 pairs to Haiti.  Staying true to their programs name, my contact came through in a big way and showed she cared by donating 100 pairs to Give Your Sole.  The first 100 finishers at the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon will be given a free pair of Crocs when they donate the shoes right off their feet after the race on Sunday October 17th.

Knowing we have the support of such a great company, a caring company, a company who knows what it means to want to help people, Give Your Sole can now offer a great pair of shoes to our donors in exchange for their running shoes. Running shoes that will go to help those less fortunate in the Metro Denver area through our partnership with the Denver Rescue Mission.

Thank you Crocs Cares (sm)!

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