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My visit with MorningStar Mission

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Terri Micetich and myself (click picture to be directed to MorningStar Mission website)

 Today I visited the MorningStar Mission who will be the recipient of all the shoes we collect at the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon August 2nd.  Without this mission, many people would not have a place to escape the cold of Chicago. Not many people would have a sanctuary where they can keep their kids safe. Not many people would have the opportunity to get back on their feet.  Not many people would be able to have a nice meal.  In 2007 the mission served 135,327 meals.  I was told that since the economy has taken a turn for the worst the amount of meals served has gone up 50%!  You do the math.

Terri Micetich, Director of Development, at MorningStar Mission gave me a tour of the mission that tore at the heartstrings to say the least.  First of all, if there were not people like Terri and her mother, Marilyn Farmer, who I found out is the towns main caregiver for those in need, Joliet would be at a huge loss. They have committed their lives to making sure EVERYONE gets a fair shake.

Their “Jump On The Bus” program is one that deserves tremendous attention.  This program is determined to make sure that over 350 children have every school supply they need, everything from pencils to tennis shoes, as they head back to school.  Give Your Sole would like to ask those of you with children to  really help out and donate those shoes.  These kids are no different in the sense that they outgrow shoes incredibly fast.  The difference is, they don’t have the means to go out and buy new ones.  With your help, we can alleviate the worry and stress of their parents having to find them new shoes.

Today I had dinner in “MY” own house.  Today I went to bed in “MY” own bed.  Tomorrow I will wake up and make “MY” breakfast.  There are far too many people in this nation that cannot say the same, many of them in Joliet Illinois.  I encourage everyone who attends this years Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon to donate your shoes to Give Your Sole so we can get them to the men, women and children at MorningStar Mission who can really use them.

Thank you.

Chicago, Rescue Missions

MorningStar Mission, Joliet Illinois

No Comments 11 June 2009


Give Your Sole had great success at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon for our first event and now will be in Chicago!  All the moderately worn athletic shoes that are donated will go to help those in need at the MorningStar Mission in Joliet, Il.  MorningStar Mission is a non-denominational organization dedicated to relieving the spiritual and physical hunger of the poor.

With your help, we hope to really make a difference in the lives of those that are less fortunate in the surrounding Chicago areas.  The summers in Chicago are incredible but remember the winters are FREEZING.  Now imagine it without shoes on your feet.  So go dig in your closet, dig in your kids closet, and you guys – go dig in the garage and bring us all your moderately worn shoes so we can get them to the people that can use them.  Look for the event information by clicking on the “Events” tab located above.  See you there!


Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

1 Comment 10 June 2009


Taken from the Sears Tower

Taken from the Sears Tower

We are thrilled to be taking a part in the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon this summer.  For all of you that will be lucky enough to experience not only a great event but a great city we look forward to seeing you there.  We will have a booth at the expo on July 31st and August 1st where we will be collecting moderately worn mens, women’s, and children’s athletic shoes.  We will also be at the finish line on race day, August 2nd, collecting your “Race Day Shoes”.  Those donating the pair right off their feet on RACE DAY ONLY will receive a free pair of Give Your Sole flip flops so you won’t be bare foot.

All the shoes donated at this event will go to the MorningStar Rescue Mission in Joliet to help those that are less fortunate.  Please make it a point to bring those shoes you don’t need anymore.    Chances are somebody can use them.  Making a difference in someone else’s life will make a difference in yours. 

Chicago Navy Pier

Chicago Navy Pier

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